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Chilly Lights, your outdoor holiday lighting solution.

Hi and welcome to Chilly Lights!

Now a multiple award winning holiday lighting design/installer! We strive to create a spectacular outdoor holiday display for your home or business in a fun and easygoing manner at competitive prices.

Perhaps the idea of hopping up on the roof to hang lights sounds less than appealing this year. Maybe you'd like to step up your display. It could be that you've got a more complex issue, like a tall tree, or a steep, high roof. Or, it could be you just don't have the time during this busy season! Whatever the reason, we're here to help create a vibrant and exciting holiday display for your home or business.

Now in our tenth season serving the Denver area, and with over twelve years experience working in the concert lighting industry (Designing lighting scenes for acts like; "One Republic", "Big Head Todd and the Monsters", "Everclear", as well as for Lifetime TV, and many more.), we're no strangers to adding professional level pizazz to any setting. Holiday lighting has been a natural fit for us, with access to a variety of modern, energy saving, LED lights (Including special fixtures many competitors simply won't feature.). Whatever your holiday lighting dream may be, whether it's just a simple roof-line, or a vast display synced to music, we know what it takes to make it happen, and work with you to bring that vision to life.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to have us visit your home or business, where we'll work with you to design the perfect custom holiday display, or find creative ways to utilize our simple lighting package plans.

Call today at 720-722-1225 to learn more!

Chilly, as in "Burrr, it's cold!" Lights... The guys with that cute snowman. ; )

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